Goiania, Oaxaca (a poem for Brad)

By Christine Karatnytsky
for Dyan Neary

Goiania! Oaxaca!

the story of dyan and brad ends in the air this time but
there was another time when the story was in the land
with the people when the sun shown down on them warm
in the sad hard time for a people with no land
Goiania! Oaxaca!
the story of the land was warm it was red with him with
them all red as her arms grasped as the land to grasp him warm
as he swept into the air (carrying, lifting) the people cheered
him to breathe Stay with me, don’t go, go!

(the camera trails like a vine, then falls)

Christine Karatnytsky
Day of the Dead, 2006
for Dyan Neary

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