Oaxaca workshop Tuesday- February 20, Providence, RI- 6pm

Taking it to the Streets
A Workshop & Report
from Oaxaca

with Alfonso,
Member of CIPO – RFM (a Magonista indigenous organization in Oaxaca)
& Eric Larson
IWW delegate, recently returned from Oaxaca

“This part of Santa Lucia is enemy territory. It is near Barricade Three, the Príista attack of last Friday, and the site of Brad Will’s murder. It’s also where the CIPO house is located…Now, less than a week after Brad Will’s murder, some of the same Príistas have agreed to “dislodge” CIPO from the neighborhood. If history, recent and distant, teaches us anything, their method will be violence. It is important that they know that acts of violence will not go unseen, even in this small neighborhood that they control. Please contact some or all of those listed below; tell them that if CIPO is attacked, that the Mexican state is responsible. And please also keep this in mind as solidarity actions are planned and carried out.”

Join us to learn more about this important struggle, and about what we can do.

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2007, 6pm
340 Lockwood Street, Providence
Call 351-6960 for more information

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