If you missed it at the Anarchist Film Festival — people are gathering Monday Night for
a screening of “Brad: We’ll Keep on Fighting” with one of the filmmakers
(and Brad’s friend) from Brazil. The film features both Brad’s own footage
of interviews with the MST and others, as well as interviews with community
members that admired Brad’s work and his bravery that in memoriam.

Note that all of our regular 7pm slots at the store were booked — so we decided to host this late night following an event that I know Brad would have come to. See below.

Monday, April 23rd @ 9:30PM – $5 Suggested @ Bluestockings
Screening: “Brad: We’ll Keep On Fighting”
Come join us late for a screening of “Brad Will: We’ll Keep On Fighting”

Monday, April 23rd @ 7PM – Free
Reading: Clayton Patterson “Resistance”
Patterson’s “Resistance: A Radical Political History of the Lower East
Side” documents the lives and struggles of the radicals, artists and immigrants=
that populated and politicized one of America=E2=80=99s strangest and
most beloved neighborhoods. Join us for regaling first-person tales of the batt=
les, triumphs, failures, and lives of this neighborhood.

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