FoBW attend Oaxaca benefit

great show! many showed great interest in stopping Plan Mexico, filling out postcards to Hilary Clinton and offering to spread the word.

Benefit For Oaxaca, Wednesday 11/28th Brooklyn!

here are some pics and the announcement.

This Wednesday help raise money for Oaxaca and have fun

By love and resistance

Benefit for Oaxacan Radio Projects:
Wednesday, November 28th 7:30pm
1087 Broadway, Brooklyn (J to Kosciusko)
Above Goodbye Blue Monday


As the rebellion has died down in Oaxaca, people there
are continuing their fight for Autonomy and dignity.
One of the many projects that has sprung up recently
is the creation of a community radio network, that
will serve the city of Oaxaca as well as the
indigenous communities in the surrounding areas.

party scene

This Wednesday help raise money for this project and
have fun:

-LAS ADELITAS (from Portland): Latin American Folk
inspired Political Punk
-RABIA (local punks)
-Videos from the rebellion in Oaxaca
-straight from pittsburgh DJ Baglady spinning dancey
music without borders.

the house was packed! really fun...

The show is $5 bucks, all proceeds go to buy radio
equipment for collectives in Oaxaca!

signing postcards
Wednesday, November 28th 7:30pm
1087 Broadway, Brooklyn (J to Kosciusko)
Above Goodbye Blue Monday
email: amoryresistencia[at]yahoo[dot]com for more

By love and resistance

Stop ‘Plan Mexico”!

Nov 26, 2007 08:10PM EST

Bush announced a proposal for ‘Plan Mexico’ on eyear fater the Oaxacan uprising, which would send $1.5 billion to the very secxurity, police and Go to:

Please write to Senator Clinton to urge her to speak out against the
expansion of the ‘drug war’ into Mexico. Tell her about the widespread
and serious human rights abuses committed by Mexican security
officials. Tell her lethal aid should not be extended on U.S.
taxpayers’ dime to a brutal security apparatus which give abusers of
human rights in the Mexican government impunity.

Again, we need YOU to invest 1.5 minutes to email Hilary Clinton to demand:

a. Sec. Rice attend hearings(not some lesser bureaucrat)

b. plan mexico to be heard as a stand alone bill (not tucked into iraq
appropriations bill)

c. answers to questions re. Brad’s murder and the murders of other
people by security forces in mexico


thx for helping.


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