Series of Plan Mexico events organized by FoBW (February 21-23)

An excellent week of events about Brad, impunity in Mexico and the Bush Administration’s push for sending $1.4 billion in taxpayer money into the rat hole of ‘drug war’ funding. As most of the members of Friends of Brad Will are well aware, this would be a colossal mistake, promising to destabilize Mexico with violence and an entrenched brutal security apparatus, just at a moment when indigenous communities, fair trade activists, and good government associations are mobilizing to demand an end to corruption, fraud, and abuses of power.

That’s why the United Steelworkers, the Drug Policy Alliance, Global Exchange, Witness for Peace and many others oppose Plan Mexico. Bush & Calderon’s Plan Mexico ignores the real need for fair economic development, promising instead NAFTA with a stick.

Oh yeah, and it would also do zero to stop narco-trafficking (see Plan Colombia and our Plan Mexico section for more info, including this excellent article).

Check out the amazing events, which our network helped put together. Thanks to the prestigious School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University for inviting us to make a presentation about Plan Mexico and the new security paradigm (Feb 21); thanks to Caridad Svich and Jason Grote who invited us to provide a panel discussion and dance performance piece at the elegant and delightful Conference on Latin American Theater entitled, No Passport DREAMING THE AMERICAS (Pics here);
And thanks to Bluestockings independent highbrow bookstore for inviting Friends of Brad Will and continuing to inform your clients about Brad Will’s murder and Plan Mexico!

Here below are pictures of the events!

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