Urgent! Help Stop Plan Mexico! Please Redistribute Widely.


As you all know Plan Mexico is a secret “security pact” to expand the
‘drug war’ in Mexico which would provide lethal equipment – including
helicopters, surveillance equipment, and lethal training to brutal
Mexican security forces and corrupt government institutions. Much more
information is available at

I found the pieces by Laura Carlsen and Claudio Albertani particularly
useful. The press release by the United Steelworkers and Global
Exchange’s analysis of free trade and immigration also provide useful
insights into the many reasons to oppose Plan Mexico. Much more exists
online for inquiring mind to explore and consider.


1. Write to and call congress people (these are the people who have the
power to demand an investigation and at least not reward the murder and
cover up w/significant lethal aid (taxpayer $) which would be used to
continue to target activist, miners/teachers and other workers,
indigenous leaders, environmentalists.)

2. Set up a meeting with your congresspeople and bring them materials
available at friendsofbradwill.org to show real people care.

3. Issue (or ask to be issued) on behalf of more NGOs, community-based
groups, and unions to demand an end to impunity (for the murder of Brad
Will and other innocents murdered by Mexican security forces) and in
opposition to Plan Mexico. We got lots of statements from Mexican
organizations but not as many yet from groups with members who knew

4. Plan to attend Congressional hearings on February 7th in Washington,
D.C. and provide/obtain housing, transportation, $ for gas and
photocopies for that important effort. Offer to work in support of that
effort if you can’t make it by doing press work, preparing
copies/portfolios of information etc.

Here below is the language from the flyer we provided at our citywide
meeting two days ago, supplemented with calls for fair hearings on Plan
Mexico which include opponents to this ‘drug war’ boondoggle.

Action Steps
We are asking activists to call relevant U.S. committee chairs to demand
accountability for Brad’s murder and the murder of many teachers and
their supporters. Accountability must precede any provision of U.S.
lethal aid to the corrupt and brutal Mexican security forces and

Plan Mexico must be made fully public and reforms of the Mexican
judiciary and police must precede any lethal aid being given to corrupt
Mexican government institutions. We demand fair Congressional hearings which provide opportunities for serious concerns about the dangers of Plan Mexico to inform Congressional deliberation.

Call relevant Congress members to urge that they take a strong position against Plan Mexico:

★Congress member Elliot Engel
Chair of Western Hemispheric Affairs Subcommittee: 202-225-2464
★Congress member Tom Lantos
Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee: 202-225-3531
★Congress member Nita Lowey
Chair of Foreign Operations Subcommittee:202-225-6506

Also – if you have time – please call the offices of candidates for President to urge that they take a strong position against Plan Mexico:

Mike Gravel: 703-652-4698

★Senator Barack Obama: 202-224-2854
★Senator Hillary Clinton: 212-688-6262

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