D.C. Strategy Session: FoBW partners with tri-national challenge to Plan Mexico & SPP

On March 7, 2008, FoBW attended a strategy meeting in D.C. with some of our allies.

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The purpose of the “Strategy Meeting on NAFTA and the SPP” was to “establish a coordinated plan of action to Strengthen and broaden the trinational network of organizations working for fair and democratic trade policies and against NAFTA (and like-minded policies) and its expansion through mechanisms like the SPP.”

Here is a description of the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) and here its connection to Plan Mexico.

Our discussions were attended by faith and environmental representatives from Mexico and Canada, workers’ and human rights organizations’ representatives from all three countries. Two Senators from the Mexican Parliament attended as did a Canadian MP who was furiously typing away at his blackberry as the NAFTA-gate scandal was rightly continuing to gain attention of his New Democratic Party of Canada that morning.

Though elected representatives from Mexico and Canada had traveled hundreds of miles to attend, not a single-U.S. Representative (or even a staffer) deigned to make it cross-town from the Capitol to contribute to our efforts to defend human rights and fair trade.

Concerns were raised from many participants that Plan Mexico was perfectly timed to ‘absorb’ the fall-out from NAFTA, which has seen HUGE mobilizations in Mexico and which is frightening US business interests eager for access – untrammeled by strong unions and environmental regulations – to the mines, energy resources, forests, water, and cheap, cheap labor of Mexico. Recognition was given to the fact that the U.S. right-wing is more mobilized to oppose NAFTA + and Plan Mexico than the left with some D.C.-based groups ok with tweaking instead of defeating the initiative.

Proposals (some already being implemented) were offered for action to defeat Plan Mexico.

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