Friends of Brad Will networking with Public Intellectuals

Harry Bubbins, Communications Director of FoBW meets with Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine, at the private gathering to raise money for The Indypendent newspaper.

FoBW with Naomi Klein

Harry Bubbins, Jeremy Scahill – author of Blackwater, the Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army, and Joel Kupferman of the National Lawyers Guild.

FoBW with Jeremy Scahill

We shared information about Plan Mexico and the potential use of Blackwater mercenaries in Mexico as part of efforts to entrench unpopular neoliberal policies. Over the last few years such policies have come under increasing pressure by the multitude not benefiting from it. Plan Mexico anticipates more activists opposed to NAFTA + and the SPP and provides the Mexican Calderon Administration with the ability to crush them.

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