Proposals for action to defeat Plan Mexico and the SPP

These can be discussed at your next Friends of Brad Will meetings across the country and/or just carried out as your local groups see fit (feel free to contact FoBW folks in NYS and California to coordinate/strengthen efforts):

1. Organize to participate in an SPP (Plan Mexico) Counter-summit in New Orleans for the time around April 21-22nd.

2. Sign-on statements for organizations to express opposition to Plan Mexico and SPP and then provide to press/representatives.

3. Resolutions by municipal – city or state – governments.

4. Initiate a referendum/vote on Plan Mexico/SPP.

5. A call-in day to Congress/Parliament(s).

6. Set up individual meetings with Congress/Parliamentary representatives or their staffers.

7. Candidates questionnaires: circulate/request answers to questions by McCain, Obama, Clinton campaigns re. trade/security/human rights and publicize results.

8. Your ideas here.

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