FoBW discuss the Merida Initiative with Congressman Engel

Friends of Brad Will shared our concerns with Congressman Engel on Friday April 11th at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas.


We spoke with him about the 18 months elapsed since Brad Will’s murder without any justice despite his murderers being photographed at the scene, in broad daylight, with many witnesses who stepped forward.

We also told the Congressman that we were hearing from many people opposed to the Merida Initiative (Plan Mexico) – a part of the secretly negotiated Security and Prosperity Partnership currently being considered for funding by Congress – because the Bush security initiative would strengthen the unpopular Calderon Administration which has appointed members of El Yunque to top positions of his administration.

Congressman Engel said he would thoroughly review our flier (which you can download as a PDF here and bring to your Congressperson).

The Americas Society/Council of the Americas held this “conversation” on hemispheric affairs with U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere Eliot Engel. The event was part of their Congressional Discussion Series sponsored by the American International Group.

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