Friends of Brad Will discuss Merida Initiative, Impunity and Brad's murder with Representative Nita Lowey, (D-NY)

On Monday, April 7, members of Friends of Brad Will Westchester attended a Town Hall meeting on health care and spoke with Congresswoman Nita Lowey, the Chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee Foreign Operations subcommittee which is considering Plan Mexico (or the Merida Initiative).


Concerns were shared about the message which a lethal aid package for the brutal and unaccountable Mexican security forces would send to those same forces.

Bush announced the Merida Initiative almost exactly a year after U.S. journalist Brad Will was killed in Oaxaca, Mexico, while covering the teachers’ strike and popular movement against a corrupt governor there.

Contact Representative Nita Lowey and let her know you want Plan Mexico/the Merida initiative scrapped.

Here is a link which you can download as a PDF to the flier with her contact number on it, 100s of which were distributed to the attendees.

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