Mierda Initiative introduced

Will the Democratic Majority (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Wexler, Barbara Lee, Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Joseph Crowley and company) betray democracy in Mexico? Or will they challenge the Bush Administration’s militarization plan for Mexico under the guise of the ‘war on drugs’?

You can help prevent the slide towards authoritarianism in Mexico by demanding the Democratic Congress with many Republican allies reject the Merida Initiative!

Here’s a copy of the bill:

Check current status

There’s a push to promote ‘human rights safeguards’ as a solution which some D.C.-based human rights groups are supporting. We should not be fooled given the experience of Colombia. We don’t have amnesia on an international scale.

The best safeguard for human rights is to demand respect for them – an end to impunity as shown through prosecutions of those responsible for pending cases of human rights violations, like the murder of Brad Will – as a condition BEFORE any lethal aid is given to the security forces of Mexico.

Why is it that labor organizations like the AFL-CIO can say this but some mainstream ‘human rights’ organizations talk about their serious concerns while offering ineffective protection to the Mexican people (likely activists) who would suffer at the hands of U.S.-supplied – armed and trained – Mexican security forces?

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