Mexican torture tapes again raise questions about WOLA and AI's support for Plan Mexico

Mexican Torture Training Raises Questions About U.S. Military/Police Aid
by Laura Carlsen published at the Huffington Post.

Excellent piece! Carlsen raises troubling questions on the role of human rights organizations in supporting funds for institutions which have and continue to abuse Mexican and Latin American people with impunity!

She writes: “Some Washington human rights groups have claimed that Plan Mexico will help Mexico reform and eliminate illegal practices such as torture. But the aid package funds the same forces that commit those atrocities with virtual impunity.”

Add your comments at Huffington Post to get that important discussion continued! Help provide attention to the campaign we’ve been working on:

Demanding accountability for Brad Will’s murder and the murder of many other innocent people by the Mexican security forces;

Exposing u.s.g. support for right-wing human rights abusing governments and institutions in Mexico and El Salvador;

Amplifying how popular movements for human rights and against corruption are at risk from the Bush/Leahy Merida Initiative;

Exposing the role of some d.c.-based ‘human rights’ organizations in legitimizing the ‘drug war’ as a pretext for increasing militarization under Merida!

From article: “Two videos of a torture-training session with the police force of León, Guanajuato shocked the Mexican public last week and raised serious questions about human rights under the Calderon offensive against organized crime. For readers with strong stomachs, the videos can be found here.” (link at Huffington Post).

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