Recent alternative to neoliberal globalization event with Friends of Brad Will

Friends of Brad WIll attended the NYU Conference: Many Yeses, One No: Confronting Corporate Globalization

As the anniversary of the Seattle protests against the WTO approaches,
the world economic system- a system whose logic and shape has been
defined by neoliberal economic theory- is in ruins, and the United
States has elected a new president that many people hope and expect
will bring about “real Change.”

Many in attendance turned their eyes to the “Third” and “Second” worlds which initiated (in the 1970s) opposition to neoliberal trade and security policies and which have continued to oppose them to this day. While some lamented the possibility that the alternative globalization movement may have ended post 9/11, others pointed out the turn away from such policies throughout the world especially in the Western Hemisphere/Latin America.

We are working in solidarity with the peoples of the western hemisphere who have organized and taken the streets in record numbers to oppose neoliberal economic policies who are now facing U.S. military, police and covert interventions in the Hemisphere.

President Bush has been propping up extreme right-wing governments in Colombia and Mexico with Plans Colombia and Mexico (i.e. the Merida Initiative), subverting democratically elected ones in Bolivia and Venezuela, and is continuing to negotiate the undemocratic Security and Prosperity Partnership in secret. Plan Mexico was declared by Assistant Secretary of State Shannon as “NAFTA armored”. It is also the armed program within the SPP.

The conference discussed new priorities, including standing in solidarity with Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean by opposing Plan Mexico (the Merida Initiative) in the name of Brad Will, the anti-globalization activist and journalist murdered by paramilitaries trying to destroy a peoples movement against privatization, corruption and militarization.

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