03.11.2009 Caravan to D.C.


Join us March 11, 2009 for the Friends of Brad Will Caravan to D.C. Or setup a meeting with your local representatives.

Below is a list of our demands and an information packet you can take to your congress person. (check periodically for updates)

You can join our efforts: https://www.friendsofbradwill.org/contact-us/

To inform our representatives of the Human Rights Violations and impunity U.S. tax money supports in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean; and to verbalize our opposition to it as well as encourage theirs.

1. Free Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno!
(unjustly imprisoned for Brad Will’s murder)

2. Prosecute the paramilitaries responsible for killing Brad Will and investigate the 27 other political murders in Oaxaca.

3. Stop the Merida Initiative! (aka Plan Mexico) End The Drug War!

DOCUMENTS PACKAGE to give to your congress person:

Regarding Juan Manuel’s Martinez Moreno’s Case:
Amnesty International Action Alert

-Reporter Without Borders Article

A picture of Juan Manuel

A picture of para-militaries shooting in Brad’s direction

-Physicians for Human Rights Article

-Mexican National Comission on Human Rights (CNDH): Report on Brad’s Case (Spanish)

-Narco News Article

-NY Times Article

Opposition to The Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico)
United Steelworkers


Meeting with Your Congress People

10 Tips On How to Lobby

On October 16th 2008, Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno was imprisoned for the murder of Brad Will, unjustly, as eye-witness and forensic evidence has proved his innocence. He was scepegoated by the Mexican government in order to appease U.S. demands that the case be prosecuted, as a prerequisite for funding to Mexico under the Merida Initiative. He remains incarcerated at Santa Maria Ixcotel prison, in the City of Oaxaca, to this day.

When Brad was killed, photographs were taken of police, police commanders, operatives and PRI party bodyguards, firing guns at the protesters. These included Pedro Carmona, Abel Santiago Zarate aka “El Chino,” Juan Carlo Soriano aka “El Chapulin,” Commander Manuel Aguilar Coello, and Juan Sumano. These paramilitaries are directly linked to the corrupt Governor Ulises Ruiz, and we demand their arrest.

The Merida Initiative. Under the guise of the ‘war on drugs’, aid package threatens Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean with a return to 80s style counter- insurgency targeted at activists like us throughout the hemisphere, namely those that dissent, challenge domination and oppression and offer more fair alternatives to live together – e.g. labor, anti-neoliberal trade, indigenous rights activists. More on Plan Mexico.

We can arrange rides for people and are accepting resources (donated vans, cars, and $) for expenses.

For more information please contact: h.bubbins (at) gmail.com

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