(US) Hemispheric Militarization reaches Costa Rica

Under the guise of ‘war on drugs’

After receiving a diplomatic request from the US Embassy, on July 1 the Costa Rican legislative assembly approved a measure to grant unprecedented access to a U.S. military fleet in Costa Rica’s waters. The vessels will arrive for at least six months to assist counter-narcotics operations by Costa Rican authorities. Costa Rica has long been used a stopping point of entry for drugs coming from Colombia and Panama on their way further north.
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Critics say that a massive foreign military landing at their shores not only directly violates that constitution as it stands today, but tears at the moral fabric of a nation which constitutionally abolished its own army in 1949.

WOLA nor Adam Isaacson working with them add wishy-washy comments (not condemnation) adding to their terrible record defending the ‘drug war’.

To learn more about expanded U.S. militarization (and WOLA’s nonchalant response to it), read full July 15, 2010, article, “Fear, Suspicion as US Military En Route to Costa Rica”, by Joseph Shansky here.

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