‘Dirty War’ Tactic Of Disappearances Reappears In Mexico

By Cyril Mychalejko

25 May, 2012
Toward Freedom

Here’s a quote:
“Instead of reducing violence, Mexico’s ‘war on drugs’ has resulted in a dramatic increase in killings, torture, and other appalling abuses by security forces, which only make the climate of lawlessness and fear worse in many parts of the country,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Editor’s note: Of course, we predicted this in 2007. If only Human Rights Watch had mobilized its network before Plan Mexico was introduced by Bush and expanded by Obama!? They and Amnesty International which actually boosted it, misdirecting the public into believing there would be effective human rights protections, have served this militarization policy quite well. This hand-wringing is too little too late and won’t bring back all the murdered and wounded.

Read excellent article about what ‘human rights’ complicity or silence has wrought here:

‘Dirty War’ Tactic Of Disappearances Reappears In Mexico

The War on Drugs is becoming another “Dirty War” in Mexico, with the tactic of enforced disappearances reappearing as a commonplace occurrence in the country.

Read the rest here.

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