From DailyKos: 2008 Darrell Issa Voted YES To Fund Project Gunrunner & Merida Initiative

Note: We all know: If there’s so much law enforcement cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico, why haven’t the murderers of Brad Will been brought to justice after they killed him in broad daylight in front of witnesses? Instead we got a Senator Leahy-supported ‘independent expert’ investigation by ex-RCMP guys who didn’t even interview witnesses (oh, wait, they didn’t even speak Spanish). No public outrage by the supposed “human rights Senator” from Vermont once this became well-publicized.

The following repost to the DailyKos exposes the bipartisan theater which is our government and corporate media, which requires that media to stick to the script and ignore the truth. This pays corporate media ‘news’ dividends in election $$$ and indulgent regulation but requires ignoring pretty glaring contradictions like this one in the recent hullabaloo about Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious.

Both sides of the aisle are pro-Merida Initiative (i.e. pro-corruption, pro-impunity, and pro-drug cartel). Bi-partisan ‘drug war’ boosters: Bush and Obama; Pelosi and Boehner; Rep Issa and Senator Leahy. And the corporate media is just amplifying the nonsense and distracting from what ‘our’ government is doing in Mexico, Honduras and elsewhere in Latin America. became well-publicized.

Here’s the key question raised at the end of this well-referenced piece:

“My questions: Why hasn’t anyone in the media connected Project Gunrunner to Darrell Issa’s yes vote to fund Project Gunrunner and why hasn’t anyone in the media connected Project Gunrunner to Merida Initiative?

Even though I posted this Diary earlier this week — I am only re-posting it today in an effort to have Sunday Talk Show hosts bring up Issa’s own involvement in Funding Project Gunrunner.”

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