Man Arrested in 2006 Brad Will Murder–Finally a Step Toward Justice?

Posted on: 03/06/2012 by Laura Carlsen

The government of Oaxaca arrested Lenin Osorio Ortega as the murderer of U.S. journalist Brad Will today.

In a press conference, State Attorney General Manuel de Jesus Lopez announced that the Oaxaca City resident had been taken into custody after a lengthy investigation that included analyzing videos and photographs taken on Oct. 27, 2006–the day Will received two bullets while filming a protest march.

In an interview with the clown-host Brozo, Oaxaca Governor Gabino Cue announced the arrest and stated that his government would continue to investigate. The Attorney General declared that the assassin shot Will from a rooftop, which is roughly consistent with independent forensic studies.

But he also asserted that it appeared the man worked alone, which leaves serious questions regarding motive.

Read the rest of Carlsen’s review of one recent apparent breakthrough in the investigation of Brad Will’s murder here.

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