Law Enforcement Officials Call for an End to “The War On Drugs”

The two career law enforcement officers interviewed on October 25th here are two of many speaking out against the criminalization of drugs and the failed ‘drug war’ policy pursued by Bush and now even with more vigor, President Obama.

Interviewed in above linked video are the following:
Jim Gierach is a former Assistant State’s Attorney of Cook County, Illinois. He spent more than twenty years fighting drug prohibition as a candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney and Illinois governor in primary elections. As an author and speaker, he has debated drug-policy issues with the former head of the DEA and drug advisors to the White House. Richard Van Wickler is the superintendent for the Cheshire County, New Hampshire Department of Corrections. Richard served three years in the active component of the U.S. Army and retired in December 2006 after 26 years of military service. Richard also teaches Justice Studies at Keene State College.

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