An Ugly Truth in the War on Drugs

Five years ago we urged Amnesty International not to support militarization and to fight the “Durg War” based on its on-going and predictable future human rights impacts. They went with militarization.

“[D]rug control has received little attention from the mainstream human rights movement.”

“Just as we now view the war on terror through a human rights lens, we need to see drug control as a human rights concern. We need to acknowledge that not only are human rights abuses in the war on drugs widespread, but that they are systemic. They are an inevitable result of what governments do when they set repressive and unrealistic goals to eliminate supply and demand for widely available commodities and exhibit zero tolerance for human behavior.

Read the entire piece by FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO, a former president of Brazil, is chairman of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, and RUTH DREIFUSS, a former president of Switzerland and minister of home affairs, a member of the commission, by clicking below.

An Ugly Truth in the War on Drugs
Published: March 10, 2013

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