(Eng/Span/French) Journalist who fled abroad describes protective mechanism’s flaws

Journalist who fled abroad describes protective mechanism’s flaws

Reporters Without Borders is today releasing a video interview in which Verónica Basurto Gamero, a young independent journalist who used to be based in Mexico City, explains why she had to flee abroad at the start of March.

She also criticizes the new Federal Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, which failed to protect her from dangers arising from her journalistic work. Set up in October 2012 and overseen by the interior ministry, the Federal Mechanism is currently supposed to be protecting 48 people, including 13 journalists.

Video (subtitled in English) .

Basurto spent eight months working with French journalist Laurence Cuvillier of the TV news channel France 24 shedding light on serious irregularities in the investigations ordered by senior Mexican officials into certain abductions, including the abduction of French citizen Florence Cassez.

They had begun to reveal how certain suspects and witnesses had been tortured and subjected to other forms of pressure.

Basurto was repeatedly threatened and followed during the first two months of this year and quickly realized that the “protection” she was receiving under the Federal Mechanism was providing her with no real guarantees.

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