One Year after the Murder of Journalist Regina Martínez: Violence and Impunity Reign

Written by Andalusia Knoll
01 May 2013

Quote from article, then link to original publication on Upside Down World.

Martínez’s murder became emblematic of government impunity, censorship, and repression, ringing the alarm for freedom of press organizations across the globe because of the gravity of the situation for journalists in Veracruz.

Proceso’s correspondents released this statement following her death:

“This blow affects us directly. It cannot be understood without focusing on the institutional discomposition in this country, the corruption, the impunity for pompous criminals, the alarm and social fear all derived from a stubborn and failed war against crime.

It is within this environment that there is an absence of democratic normalcy in Mexico and no authority can say to the journalists of Veracruz and those across this country, that their exist guarantees to inform the people”

Read the entire article here.

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