Rule of U.S. Law in Mexico

13/06/2013 by Dawn Paley
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“U.S. funding for legal reforms in Mexico was integrated into the Mérida Initiative, a U.S. foreign aid package launched in Mexico in 2008 to provide funding and support for militarizing the drug war. In 2009, USAID awarded a $66.3 million dollar contract to Coffey International, the Australian company that owns Management Systems International. The contract, which ends in 2014, was to provide “support for legal reforms” in Mexico as part of the Merida Initiative.

“These Rule of Law programs are always married to military expansion, just like the Merida Initiative,” said Weissman, who notes that Rule of Law programs are a centerpiece of the U.S. Army’s counterinsurgency manual. “You have a Rule of Law program in what is essentially a plan to militarize the drug war. You see that everywhere.”

Weissman, whose detailed examination of the U.S. role in Mexico’s legal reforms will be published next year in the Cardozo Law Review, is skeptical about what exactly the United States has to teach other countries about law. “We are so punitive, and so disproportionate, and so racist, how could we be the model?” she asked.”

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