Human Rights Watch supports decriminalization!

What a pleasant surprise! As of June, 2013, HRW has adopted a new position on the ‘drug war’. We had not learned of this development until a recent panel discussion of the ‘drug war’ and its devastating impacts in Mexico.

During this panel, Friends of Brad Will asked panelists what people in the United States could do to stop the violence. Nik Steinberg answered that we should advocate for a conversation to take place in the US about alternative models to the current one.

After the Q & A, we followed up with Steinberg to ask whether that conversation would be taking place within HRW. He answered it had taken place and the new position was the outcome.

Though certainly an encouraging development, Human Rights Watch’s new position should be coupled with forceful advocacy for the US government to end the ‘war on drugs’ and not just discuss doing so.

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