The New President of Honduras will not Stop Hate Crimes

Excerpt: Juan Orlando Hernández, the right wing National Party politician who was the declared winner in the presidential elections in Honduras, based his campaign on “christian values” against the homosexual community. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced Hernández as the winner, saying that he was 6 points ahead of Xiomara Castro of the LIBRE party (The Freedom and Re-foundation party), wife of former president Mel Zelaya who was ousted in the 2009 Coup. LIBRE, a new party that was born out of Coup resistance, has incorporated many members of the sexual diversity community in its ranks and has denounced fraud at the polls.

Rest of the article, Written by Andalusia Knoll, and published on 20 December 2013, here. Where are the Amnesty International action alerts against Secretary of State Kerry and Obama for giving the thumbs up to a violence-ridden fraudulent election? Post election, it’s just symbolic nonsense, without naming names, and, most shockingly, leaving the major military backer of the junta, the United States Government under then Secretary of State Clinton, currently John Kerry, both under President Obama, off the hook.

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