Friends of Brad Will and allies take action

In the first complaint filed with the new Inspector General of the Police Department for the City of New York, on his first day in office, Friends of Brad Will recommend to the Inspector General a course of action for exposing and ending targeting of political activists by the NYPD, including the spying on and infiltration of Friends of Brad Will.

5:27:14 three file facing cameraIf you are a member of a human rights, environmental justice, police reform, good government or other civic organization, you and your organizations may have been targeted by NYPD operations over the last two decades.

You and your organizations can join us in calling on the Inspector General Philip Eure to conduct a full and public  audit of NYPD spying, infiltration, and subversion of political activist groups and dissenters and to recommend laws mandating severe penalties for continuation of such unlawful  practices to serve as an effective deterrent to their repetition. Read full complaint here.

Take action by contacting Mayor De Blasio and your City Council member and urging them to support our complaint and call for a full audit of the NYPD’s history of targeting political activists and an end those practices. Click here to view a sample letter to Mayor De Blasio you can cut and past and modify to your tastes.The official complaint includes recommendations to end police operations targeting activists, provide a full public audit of NYPD-Intel et al’s targeting of political activists for the last two decades, including publicly disclosing lists of names, cost to taxpayers, rationales for intrusive practices and the training offered to  participating officers to view political activists as targets and more.

Here’s a sample letter people can use to take action (modify to improve or personalize):

Greetings Mayor de Blasio:

I would like you to take concrete steps to stop police operations targeting political activists. Your IG has a mandate to protect civil liberties. He and the City Council and Mayor should take the recommendations outlined in the complaint filed yesterday by Friends of Brad Will to serve that mandate, protect civil liberties of New Yorkers, and stop wasting precious taxpayer dollars on ridiculous unlawful and harmful police operations.

I look forward to hearing you speak out in support of the recommendations in that complaint and to hearing back from you in writing about the concrete steps your Administration is taking to end intrusive police operations targeting activists once and for all.

Thank you.

Your Name Here

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