Urge US government action to end impunity for the murder of Brad Will

Here is an example of a letter you could send to Senator Durbin to end impunity for the murder of Brad Will and many others by Mexican government-backed paramilitaries


Subject: Plan Mexico (aka the Merida Initiative) and he Murder of US journalist Brad Will
To: schedule@durbin.senate.gov, state_scheduler@durbin.senate.gov, pat_souders@durbin.senate.gov, Max_Gleischman@durbin.senate.gov, dena_morris@durbin.senate.gov, christina_mulka@durbin.senate.gov

Mr. Souders,

Please thank Mr Durbin for writing about Illinois resident Brad Will’s murder in Oaxaca Mexico some time ago.  What is the latest?

Senator Durbin represents the state where Brad’s parents live (D, Illinois) I urge you to use you leadership position to end immediately US aid to Mexican military and police and that such aid be ended until Brad Will’s murderers and the murders of other innocents (at least 18 Mexicans during the same period) and those in the Mexican civil administration who helped cover up these murders are all brought to justice.

Senator Durbin serves as the Assistant Majority Leader, the second highest ranking position in the Senate. Also known as the Majority Whip, Senator Durbin has been elected to this leadership post by his Democratic colleagues every two years since 2006. He sits on the Senate Judiciary, Appropriations, Foreign Relations and Rules Committees.

You have the power to rally publicly your Senate colleagues and thereby to impress on  the Obama Administration the importance of taking public action to ensure that ALL of those responsible for these murders and their cover-up are brought to justice and that military and police aid to Mexico is halted until they are.

Please reply, thank you.

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