Bless Brad Will’s memory! He would have been 44 years old today!

Take action urged by the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy!

Action Needed

Demand justice in the murder of U.S. journalist Brad Will

Suspend Merida Initiative aid to Mexican security forces

June 14 would have been U.S. journalist Brad Will’s 44th birthday. Will was shot and killed covering protests in the Mexican state of Oaxaca in 2006. Years later, his murder and that of at least 18 Mexicans murdered in the protests have still not been fully investigated and prosecuted by the Mexican government.

(See details of the Brad Will case here)

THIS WEEK: Please call Senator Dick Durbin who represents the state where Brad’s parents live (D, Illinois) and urge him to use his leadership position to demand justice in the murder of Brad Will and immediately halt US aid to Mexican military and police.

Call Senator Dick Durbin (202) 224-2152 and your own Senator requesting:

1) A full and unbiased investigation and prosecution of the crime, including perpetrators and planners, and government officials responsible for the on-going impunity.

2) A public statement denouncing the lack of justice for the murder of U.S. journalist Brad Will and the 18 protestors in Oaxaca.

3) Immediate suspension of aid to Mexican security forces under the Merida Initiative and Department of Defense funding in the failed drug war.

Evidence indicates that Mexican security forces were implicated in the crimes. Since 2008, these forces have been directly funded through the Merida Initiative, a $2 billion dollar security aid package paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Given the Mexican government’s refusal to solve the case and bring to justice those responsible for Will’s murder, the corruption of police and miitary revealed in this case and others, the failure of the joint drug war and the death to date of some 100,000 Mexican men, women and children under the militarized “war on drugs”, we demand an immediate halt to security aid to Mexico and an emphasis on bilateral efforts to reduce poverty and inequality and respect human rights.

SIGN THE PETITION TO END THE MERIDA INITIATIVE and other security aid to the deadly war on drugs in Mexico and Central America:

To the US Congress and President Barack Obama: “We call on you to end funding to the bloody war on drugs in Mexico and Central America, which has led to the death and disappearance of more than 100,000 Mexicans and the dangerous militarization of the region. Instead of continuing to waste billions of taxpayer dollars through the Merida Initiative and the Central American Regional Security Initiative, we urge you to join citizens and governments of the region in the search for more just, effective and humane alternatives to the drug war at home and abroad.”

Who: Senator Durbin (202) 224-2152 serves as the Assistant Majority Leader, the second highest ranking position in the Senate. Senator Durbin has been elected to this leadership post by his Democratic colleagues every two years since 2006. He sits on the Senate Judiciary, Appropriations, Foreign Relations and Rules Committees.

He has the power to rally his Senate colleagues and to impress on the Obama Administration the importance of taking public action to ensure that ALL of those responsible for these murders and the cover-up are brought to justice, and to suspend military and police aid to Mexico in the face of thousands killed and missing.

Contact Senator Durbin:  (202) 224-2152 Please send any responses from Senator Durbin’s office to

Please join us for this important action for accountability to help end impunity in Mexico in this and far too many 1000s of other cases and to make human rights the center of U.S. foreign policy

Thanks (and please pass on to others).

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