Demonstrations continue against US lethal aid to Mexico

Wednesday, December 10th – International Human Rights Day – demonstrations will be held (again) nationwide challenging the lawlessness of the USG in not holding Bush and Co. accountable for torture, thereby signaling that it may continue with impunity. In NYC members of our network will do our part to challenge the USG militarization of Latin America under the ‘drug war’ and the devastation it has caused. Plan Mexico and other militarization/lethal aid schemes targeting Latin America have come under fire.

So we can expect more distortions of Plan Mexico’s value by inside the beltway pundits. Remember Amnesty International’s support for Plan Mexico in 2007 alongside other DC insiders like American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)? Bush was out and Obama coming in so they had to change their tune to avoid embarrassing their Democratic Party friends who were going to support it (and Obama did. . . to the hilt). Cynically benefiting from insider status despite the devastating consequences (100,000 killed etc), clearly foreseeable to anyone who cared to look.

Today, Amnesty International continues to be silent about the ‘drug war’ pretext. And we see “academics” touting Plan Mexico as a vehicle for ‘sustaining the rule of law’ and ‘accountability’: here a hack at Wilson Center laughably suggests it can stem corruption. He points to USAID to do this despite what we know they have been doing to promote ethnic cleansing, narcotrafficking and money laundering of cartels in Colombia. Where does the Wilson Center’s money come from?!

And has ‘human rights champion’ Senator Leahy done anything to hold the USAID vendor accountable for overseeing ethnic cleansing of Afrocololumbian’s land and converting it into palm oil plantations to support the laundering of drug money? No. Why not? Journalists and activists should ask him.

We will continue to protest with our allies.

Join us nationwide on Dec. 10th to demand an end to lethal aid to Mexico (and Honduras and other repressive governments) and an end to the fraudulent ‘war on drugs’ used as a pretext to support neoliberal kleptocratic economic policies (like NAFTA).

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