Murdered 9 years ago yesterday

One person in jail. Not clear he was culpable but there were others identified and pictured shooting into the crowd. Also, there was the cover-up and scapegoating by the civil administration at the Mexican State and Federal level.

Our government is bent on sending lethal aid under the guise of law enforcement reforms and administration of justice. They should be pressured to account for the lack of pressure to resolve the murder of a U.S. journalist as well as at least 17 Oaxaqen@s murdered in 2006.

Let’s work this year to insist our government – which is arming the Mexican government which is (in league with) the narcos – publicly demand accountability for these murders before 10 years elapse.

If they can kill Brad and cover up his murder, what are they doing to those without networks of friends in the U.S. that provides political cover for this thuggery? We know. And we can help stop it.

paz amor

Brad Will Presente

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