An explanation of why the Canadian Embassy was implicated in the cover up of Brad’s murder?

Remember when Physicians for Human Rights released their report pointing to government-backed paramilitaries as the likely culprits in Brad’s murder. And then Senator Leahy decided that he would wait for results of another ‘independent’ report before taking action for accountability. We smelled a rat then (Apparently Senator Leahy didn’t; maybe he can make up for his lapse in judgment now by opposing ALL of Plan Mexico and similar militarization programs). Sure enough the ‘independent’ report echoed the Mexican government ‘theory’ that a protestor killed Brad.
So we looked into how ‘independent’ that report was. Well, turns out not very . Missing from the otherwise excellent Committee to Protect Journalists article at the previous link is the fact that the former Royal Canadian Mountain Police officers were recommended to the Mexican authorities as ‘independent’ experts. Quite convenient.

The reasons for Canadian government complicity are not so complicated: Canadian firms have 50% of the mining concessions in Latin America. That puts them in league with corrupt governments and parties that are destroying the patrimony – natural and cultural – of Latin American countries from Columbia to Honduras, from Guatemala (see below) to Mexico.

Claims of Rape and Abuse Echo to Canada
Accusations of negligence and rape made by Guatemalan women against Canadian mining firms could lead to new scrutiny of the overseas subsidiaries that have long acted as a shield. published in the NY Times on April 2, 2016 here.

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