No Democracy Here: Ousted Honduran Pres. Zelaya Says 2009 U.S.-Backed Coup Led to Election Crisis

Excellent analysis on Democracy Now by President Zelaya about the attempted 2nd coup underway right now in Honduras. This one, like the last, was backed and promoted by the United States Government. This one by Trump. The last by Clinton. It must stop.
Listen to this man explain the recent history of Latin America and the U.S. role in the region.

Mexican Troops Unpunished for Human Rights Violations: Report

10 years and 10s of thousands of bodies too late.

Will WOLA now effectively pressure the U.S. Congress to end lethal aid flowing from the USG or its proxies to the Mexican military and police?

More evidence (as if we needed it) that the ‘Drug War’ will never succeed

The Hydra-Headed Drug Business

By David Boaz
, for The Cato Institute Blog, Cato At Liberty
October 11, 2017

With television cameras rolling and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on hand in San Diego, the Coast Guard announced late last month that it had set a new record for cocaine seizures at sea—more than 455,000 pounds through September 11, topping last year’s record.

At last we’ve turned the corner in the war on drugs. Right?

Don’t bet on it.
Read more here.

Urge Tillerson to Investigate Violence & Corruption in Mexico

If you agree, please ask your legislators to sign onto this Dear Colleague letter by Tuesday. FoBW.

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to sign onto our letter voicing concern to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about the violence and corruption related to the war on drugs in Mexico, and the U.S. role. The State Department must conduct a full review of U.S. assistance to Mexico and push for a comprehensive investigation of flagrant, ongoing human rights abuses.

As you know, reports indicate that the militarization of the fight against drug trafficking has led to an increase in violence and corruption in Mexico. A U.S. security policy focused exclusively on the war on drugs has emboldened corrupt government officials and security forces in the country, rather than dismantling the network of drug cartels. This has resulted in multiple attacks on reporters, attorneys, and activists, including the targeted use of surveillance, phone-hacking and an increase in tacitly state-sanctioned assassinations.

Please join us in calling on the State Department to support those in Mexico who are taking a stand against violence and corruption by acknowledging the U.S. role and reconsidering the current policy, and by adding our country’s voice to the call for honest investigations and prosecutions. This is the only sure footing upon which to build a new phase of stronger relations between our two nations.

To sign on, please email Kelsey Aulakh with Rep. Blumenauer (, Leslie Zelenko with Rep. Pocan (, or Rashmi Nair with Rep. Grijalva ( Deadline is COB on Tuesday, September 12.


Earl Blumenauer Mark Pocan Raúl M. Grijalva
Member of Congress Member of Congress Member of Congress

Letter text: 

Dear Secretary Tillerson,

We are writing to you to voice our concern about the violence and corruption related to the war on drugs in Mexico. Read more »

Good example of how u.s. foreign policy is made.

Gulf Government Gave Secret $20 Million Gift To D.C. Think Tank

by Ryan Grimm. Published in The Intercept

Transpose to Mexico/Latin America/the Congo/Africa etc.

Revealed: Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres’ Suspected Killers Received U.S. Military Training

March 03, 2017

Part 2: Exposé Shows Environmental Activist Berta Cáceres Topped Kill List of U.S.-Trained Assassins
March 03, 2017

El narcotráfico mexicano cuenta con policías entrenados en Irak con financiamiento de EEUU

Otro norte es posible
Foros de reflexión en NY por el décimo aniversario del asesinato de Brad Will

Por Malú Huacuja del Toro

•    “¿Desde el norte con amor?” Más bien parece odio hacia el pueblo de México.
•    Entre los “regalitos” del Plan Mérida diseñado por Bush se incluye el entrenamiento de oficiales en Irak que después desertan y se meten al narcotráfico

“Brad Will era un poeta y músico de folk. Era divertido y formaba parte del grupo de Poesía de St Marks”, dice el artista Mark Reade acerca de quien fuera su amigo y compañero de lucha, el periodista Bradley Roland Will, en el décimo aniversario de su asesinato ocurrido en Oaxaca mientras estaba videograbando y reporteando la insurrección de la APPO. En uno de los varios eventos que se realizaron en Nueva York esta semana en honor del visionario Brad Will (fundador de la página de IndyMedia, precursor de los blogs y medios alternativos tal como los conocemos, en tiempos en que no estaba popularizado el uso de teléfonos con cámaras digitales), el nutrido público en la Universidad de Nueva York (NYU) aguanta la respiración cuando Reade muestra la fotografía del pistolero paramilitar que asesinó a Brad Will, quien grabó su propia muerte. Hay más estremecimientos cuando explica que el hombre que disparó no ha sido castigado… Más aquí.

License to Kill: Mexico’s Unsolved Crimes of the State


Join us for a discussion on the Merida Initiative after Ayotzinapa, Atenco and the Brad Will assassination.

Featured speakers:




CUNY School of Law Room 3-301

RSVP thru google form: Or via email at


Demand for Inquiry Into Police Abuse of Women May Embroil Mexico’s President

La CIDH exige una investigación sobre el abuso sexual que sufrió un grupo de mujeres en Atenco en 2006

Leer en español 


SEPT. 22, 2016

Read in English here.


Background on the peace accord in Colombia

Will the USG-backed government and paramilitaries (again) sabotage the peace process or liquidate the guerillas once they put down their weapons?

See the excellent story including interviews with soldiers in the rebellion on the Real News Network, entitled, FARC Members Ready for Peace, But Tensions Remain, here.



Mexican Teachers Set to Strike On First Day of School Over Neoliberal Education Reform

August 17, 2016

click here.


Somehow the snail overtakes the locomotive!

Resurgent Mexico

by Quincy Saul


photoshooter2015 |

“Did you hear it? It is the sound of their world collapsing. It is the sound of ours resurging.”

– Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, December 2012

Mexico is living and dying for the sins of the global economy. The price of cheap clothes, cheap drugs and cheap labor is paid by the hundreds of thousands dead and disappeared in the last decade alone. From the North, an empire casts shadows of the end of the world. But from the South, an anti-thesis to empire shines, and the beginning of the world arises like a shining star whose five points stand for five continents. More here.

Resurgence in Left Politics in Mexico Following Oaxaca Teachers Strike Massacre

Resurgence in Left Politics in Mexico Following Oaxaca Teach

More on Mexican Government murdering teachers

(with U.S.G. weapons, training, and political cover).

by researcher and writer, Scott Campbell.

Mexican police brutally attack Oaxaca’s striking teachers:

Major State Represion in Oaxaca: Several Killed, Dozens Wounded and Detained:

También disponible en español:

Brought to you by President Obama and Hillary Clinton

Ed. Killing of teachers opposed to neo-liberal ‘reforms’ using Federal (US subsidized) police, training, and political cover.

Click on link below for coverage of the murder by Federal and other ‘law enforcement’ of teachers protesting privatization and other neo-liberal reforms.

“The Battle Has Just Started”: Activists Denounce Police Killings & Crackdowns on Teachers in Oaxaca

U.S.-sponsored and supported Impunity in Mexico

Counterpunch Radio episode w/Laura Carlsen

This week Eric welcomes back to the program Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy, to discuss the ongoing disappearances of activists in Mexico, the reassertion of US hegemony in Latin America, and how militarization and free trade are the cornerstones of US imperial power in the region. Eric and Laura begin with an analysis of the recent kidnappings of Mexican activists and the frightening similarities with the infamous Ayotzinapa disappearances of 2014. The conversation then shifts to Central America and Honduras, and the role of Hillary Clinton and the US in that country. Eric and Laura also discuss how the Trans-Pacific Partnership and privatization are at the heart of much of the negative developments in the Americas, and how this drive is connected to geopolitical and strategic considerations. All this and much more in this wide-ranging conversation.

Investigators Say Mexico Has Thwarted Efforts to Solve Students’ Disappearance


APRIL 22, 2016

New York Times now focuses on corruption and impunity at the center of the federal Mexican government  and within its military.

A relevant passage states:

Although the government’s own investigation focused on the complicity of the local authorities, the expert panel uncovered evidence that state and federal officials and even military personnel were present on the night of the students’ disappearance.

“It was clear in the government’s investigation and the official account that there was an intention to keep this case at a municipal level, in terms of responsibility,” said Carlos Beristain, another expert in the investigation. “But we revealed the presence of state and federal agents at the crime scenes, and furthermore that their participation implied responsibility.”

Clinton and U.S.G. Role in the Honduras Coup: Reasons why. . .

“She’s Baldly Lying”: Dana Frank Responds to Hillary Clinton’s Defense of Her Role in Honduras Coup

In previous interview, Hillary Clinton explicitly calls for a Plan Colombia for Central America.

What Mexicans and other Latin Americans must know about their elections

How to Hack an Election

Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. He tells his story for the first time.

By Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis | March 31, 2016

Photographs by Juan Arredondo

From Bloomberg Businessweek

An explanation of why the Canadian Embassy was implicated in the cover up of Brad’s murder?

Remember when Physicians for Human Rights released their report pointing to government-backed paramilitaries as the likely culprits in Brad’s murder. And then Senator Leahy decided that he would wait for results of another ‘independent’ report before taking action for accountability. We smelled a rat then (Apparently Senator Leahy didn’t; maybe he can make up for his lapse in judgment now by opposing ALL of Plan Mexico and similar militarization programs). Sure enough the ‘independent’ report echoed the Mexican government ‘theory’ that a protestor killed Brad.
So we looked into how ‘independent’ that report was. Well, turns out not very . Missing from the otherwise excellent Committee to Protect Journalists article at the previous link is the fact that the former Royal Canadian Mountain Police officers were recommended to the Mexican authorities as ‘independent’ experts. Quite convenient.

The reasons for Canadian government complicity are not so complicated: Canadian firms have 50% of the mining concessions in Latin America. That puts them in league with corrupt governments and parties that are destroying the patrimony – natural and cultural – of Latin American countries from Columbia to Honduras, from Guatemala (see below) to Mexico.

Claims of Rape and Abuse Echo to Canada
Accusations of negligence and rape made by Guatemalan women against Canadian mining firms could lead to new scrutiny of the overseas subsidiaries that have long acted as a shield. published in the NY Times on April 2, 2016 here.

Mexico: State Terrorism As Governance

From newsletter distributed by El Enemigo Común.

nos-faltan5-veracruzBy Scott Campbell

On January 11, five young people returning home from a weekend birthday gathering were detained by police in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, Mexico, where they had stopped to get something to eat. Susana Tapia Garibo, 16; José Benítez de la O, 24; Mario Orozco Sánchez, 27; José Alfredo González Díaz, 25; and Bernardo Benítez Arróniz, 25, can be seen on surveillance footage being taken into custody by members of the Veracruz State Police. Following their detention, nothing more was heard of them until Monday, February 8, when the burned remains of two of them, José Alfredo González Díaz and Bernardo Benítez Arróniz, were found on a ranch in Tlalixcoyan, 40 miles from Tierra Blanca. Read more »

Common Sense letter to NY Times on the ‘Drug War’ in Mexico

To the Editor:
Re “Mexico’s New Blood Politics” (Sunday Review, Jan. 17):
Ioan Grillo’s conclusion that the United States (and American taxpayers) “should use its drug-war aid to push harder” for anti-corruption and judicial reforms is off base.
As a political analyst living and working in Mexico for the last three decades, I have watched with horror how the United States-Mexico drug war strategy has led to the explosion of violence and criminal activity here. The deep-rooted complicity between government officials and security forces on the one hand and cartels on the other means that the training, equipment and firepower given in aid and sold to the Mexican government fuel violence on both sides.
The lines blur. The cartels are not fighting the state for political power; they are seeking to protect a $40 billion drug-trafficking business that has been converted into a war for control of territory, a war against the people.
Victim organizations that have organized throughout the country demand that the United States stop funding the drug war under any guise. They are the ones who have lost the most, and have the most at stake. We should finally listen to them.
Director, Americas Program
Center for International Policy
Mexico City

El Chapo, Episode III: The Farce Awakens By Francisco Goldman

published in the New Yorker

by Francisco Goldman

January 14, 2016

Quote: The weakening of the Sinaloa cartel would only become a reality, he said, if El Chapo’s capture was followed by the arrests of corrupt politicians and functionaries at all levels who permitted and aided the Sinaloa cartel’s operation and expansion, and so on. As long as the chains of complicity between politicians and cartel capos remain intact, he said, “then the war against the narco-traffickers can be considered lost. Read more »

Solidarity with the Mexican People in the Year Ahead

Happy solstice, Merry Xmas, and a Happy Gregorian New Year,

Peace and justice to all.

Friends of Brad Will continues to support demands of the parents of the Ayotzinapa students, who participated this week in a hunger strike at the Mexican Consulate in New York City. Antonio Tizapa, the father of Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño, who was taken by the Mexican police in view of the Mexican military along with the other students on the night of September 26, 2014, ended his 48-hour hunger strike today to draw attention to his son’s disappearance by the Mexican State.

The Mexican government and the U.S. government have worked together to minimize the scandal which adds to the many outrages by the Mexican security forces and corrupt civil administration against the Mexican people. The disappearances have created increased demands from around the world that President Obama’s failed ‘drug war’ program, Plan Mexico (aka the Merida Initiative), be ended.

Here’s an interview which Robert from Friends of Brad Will gave on Christmas night at the Mexican Consulate hunger strike.


Tlatlaya Massacre and U.S. Military Aid

By Laura Carlsen
12 / November / 2015

Excerpt: “Evidence that the armed forces approve of the practice of extrajudicial executions from the highest levels should be a watershed in the drug war. It should shock society into demanding a return to constitutional rule and respect for human rights.
Moreover, Tlatlaya is not an isolated incident. There are serious questions about the role of the army in Iguala. Its presence at the scene of the crimes. . .”

For the rest of this intense bulletin, click here.

Murdered 9 years ago yesterday

One person in jail. Not clear he was culpable but there were others identified and pictured shooting into the crowd. Also, there was the cover-up and scapegoating by the civil administration at the Mexican State and Federal level.

Our government is bent on sending lethal aid under the guise of law enforcement reforms and administration of justice. They should be pressured to account for the lack of pressure to resolve the murder of a U.S. journalist as well as at least 17 Oaxaqen@s murdered in 2006.

Let’s work this year to insist our government – which is arming the Mexican government which is (in league with) the narcos – publicly demand accountability for these murders before 10 years elapse.

If they can kill Brad and cover up his murder, what are they doing to those without networks of friends in the U.S. that provides political cover for this thuggery? We know. And we can help stop it.

paz amor

Brad Will Presente

¡Fue el Estado!

Q&A: A look at Mexico’s armed conflict through a lens of Drug War Capitalism

In this concise and powerful interview, DAWN PALEY, author of must-read “Drug War Capitalism,” explains how drug cartels in Mexico are actually paramilitaries, working with security forces and reinforcing state power.

Who Killed Rubén Espinosa and Nadia Vera?

How Obama’s expansion of Bush’s “war on drugs” under Plan Mexico and CARCI is predictably increasing corruption at the highest levels of Mexican (and Latin American) civil administration/government, police and military.

Quote from piece: Espinosa and Vera, like many people throughout Mexico these days, would have feared turning to the police for protection because of the possibility that law enforcement would be complicit with organized crime. As the renowned Mexican writer and journalist Juan Villoro told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, on August 12th, “In Mexico, the police and the army cause as much fear as organized crime . . . the majority of journalists killed in Mexico have been murdered by people tied to government.”

Father of Missing Mexican Student Calls on Obama to Stop Drug War Aid

Exclusive from Democracy Now here.

Excerpt: “As parents who have traveled from Mexico cross the United States in three protest caravans, we speak with two relatives of the missing students who live here in New York City: Antonio Tizapa is the father of Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño; and Amado Tlatempa is the cousin of Jesús Jovany Rodríguez Tlatempa. Tizapa, who believes his son is still alive, calls on the Obama administration to stop the Mérida Initiative, the multibillion-dollar U.S. aid program used to fund the war on drugs in Mexico.”

Thanks to El Comité de La Resistencia

For spirited demonstrations against the disappearance of our fallen comrades!

We will never forget and we will keep on fighting for justice in your memory.