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Altar For Brad in Chiapas

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Some pictures from the SPP, NAFTA+ vs. Fair Trade strategy session

There was much interesting discussion, sharing of perspectives and strategy. We broke out into working groups and reported back to the whole. Some participants: group picture.

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Plan Mexico demonstration photo thanks!

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Photos of Nov 19 women's march and Nov 25 mega march

Global Soil posted these photos of recent marches in Oaxaca on Flickr: November 19 March: November 25 March:

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APPO Continues Despite Repression

The APPO congress has planned marches for everyday this week. This happens despite daily attacks within Oaxaca. APPO leaders are in hiding with hit lists with their pictures, names and addresses on them. The University is under attack nearly everyday. The people of Oaxaca are remaining definiant and graffiti is reapplied to walls as soon […]

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Kate Crane in the Brooklyn Rail

Remembering Brad Will, by Kate Crane Photos of Brad Will in Oaxaca (October 2006), courtesy of Hini Schultze ( I just hung up the phone with my friend Maia. She spoke to me from a rickshaw somewhere in India; now and again, the blare of unfamiliar street noise overwhelmed our voices. It was a conversation […]

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