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Obama’s Latin American Legacy

by NICK ALEXANDROV Nearly a decade ago, a keen observer of Honduras produced a damning analysis of the country. “In a very real sense, Honduras is a captured state,” he began. “Elite manipulation of the public sector, particularly the weak legal system, has turned it into a tool to protect the powerful,” and “voters choose […]

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Johann Hari: Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

“And I would say to anyone watching this, you know, it’s so easy to feel daunted by the big political challenges we’ve got. It’s so easy, especially with something as huge as the drug war. You are so much more powerful than you know. Bud (Osborne) was a homeless street addict, and he started a […]

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Tuesday Jan 6, 2015 Rally in D.C.

Sorry for last minute notice. Here is the message below. We are everywhere! FoBW There is still time for you to invite friends in Washington today Saturday for Tuesday rally! Also, our 20+ people delegation from New York supporting Ayotzinapa will be traveling and rallying all day long. We don’t have any resources except our […]

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End Broken Windows from New York City to Mexico and Beyond

Excellent piece in Al Jazeera about the US exporting a failed and brutal policing method abroad, which you need to know in order to oppose these policies and their liberal boosters (in NYC and DC) effectively.

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Demonstrations continue against US lethal aid to Mexico

Wednesday, December 10th – International Human Rights Day – demonstrations will be held (again) nationwide challenging the lawlessness of the USG in not holding Bush and Co. accountable for torture, thereby signaling that it may continue with impunity. In NYC members of our network will do our part to challenge the USG militarization of Latin […]

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43 Cities Protest, Demanding U.S. Stop Funding Mexican Drug War

Good piece here too. And this one too below. These are the people who fund Plan Mexico and they’ve ignored us. Call them and tell them what you think. Stop Obama and the Democratic Party’s 7 year policy of support for Plan Mexico (and other USG militarization) projects targeting Mexico and Latin America. Senator Gillibrand: […]

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New #USTired2 Mobilization for Peace in Mexico Scheduled for 43 US Cities on December 3

Read Ayotzinapa Resistance: “This is just getting started” for excellent insight into the role of the Mexican state and the U.S. Government in fomenting the violence in Mexico.

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End the Killing of Students Now: Peace, Justice, and Democracy for Mexico

Important petition. Please sign and share. Go here to sign. Excerpt: “The depth of the Mexican crisis, the state and drug cartel violence, and the perception that the electoral route is closed because of widespread fraud, manipulation and corruption, means that Mexican popular movements have to work in the middle of a boiling cauldron of […]

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8 years since Brad’s murder. 7 years since Plan Mexico and its predictable carnage. . .

Join us in New York or wherever you are. In New York, at 5 pm until we leave, on Monday, October 27th, we will gather in front of US Senator Gillibrand’s and Senator Schumer’s offices, at 780 Third Avenue (between 48th and 49th street) to urge they show leadership in meeting Friends of Brad Will’s […]

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“Kill the Messenger” Resurrects Gary Webb, Journalist Maligned for Exposing CIA Ties to Crack Trade

An important piece on the US government colluding with narco-trafficking, a story still relevant today.

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San Fernando Migrant Massacre: How US, Mexican and Latin American Governments Share Responsibility

Read this devastating piece on the San Fernando massacre of demonstrating students. The article describes a pattern of ‘predictable and thus preventable’ results of Mexican government actions and omissions that was “responsible for systematic, egregious and recurrent human rights violations”. We warned Amnesty International and the Washington Office on Latin America as well as Human […]

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Global Drug Report: Don’t Just Decriminalize, Demilitarize

155,000 dead not counting tens of thousands disappeared. Narco-trafficking organizations as powerful as ever with profits relatively untouched. Why would Hillary Clinton and Patrick Leahy call this a successful policy? Other good piece here: The Mexican drug war is the most deadly conflict in Latin America other than Guatemala’s 30 year civil war: — […]

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As Pot Decriminalization Advances in U.S., Former World Leaders Call for End to Failed War on Drugs

Important new developments in the “War on Drugs”! The tide has turned.

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Blowback on the Border

by LAURA CARLSEN Published on Countpunch Weekend Edition July 25-27 (go to Counterpunch site for the version with important hotlinks). * Laura Carlsen is the Director of the Americas Program. After three years of relative silence, the U.S. press has finally “discovered” the crisis of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors piling up on the […]

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Destroy their economic livelihoods and they will come

More at The Real News

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Solidarity action: Friends of Brad Will at Mexican Consulate action

In New York City, supporting an end to the violence against Zapatista communities, including the recent murder of teachers. Read about it here and here. Another reason Plan Mexico must be ended and for us to support the people of Mexico against the violence and corruption plaguing their government.

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Bless Brad Will’s memory! He would have been 44 years old today!

Take action urged by the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy! Action Needed Demand justice in the murder of U.S. journalist Brad Will Suspend Merida Initiative aid to Mexican security forces June 14 would have been U.S. journalist Brad Will’s 44th birthday. Will was shot and killed covering protests in the Mexican state […]

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Friends of Brad Will and allies take action

In the first complaint filed with the new Inspector General of the Police Department for the City of New York, on his first day in office, Friends of Brad Will recommend to the Inspector General a course of action for exposing and ending targeting of political activists by the NYPD, including the spying on and […]

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US aid to Mexico’s federal police wasted as corruption soars, study finds

By Joseph J. Kolb Published May 12, 2014 Note: We warned Washington Office on Against Latin America about the absence of benchmarks in Plan Mexico funding proposals by Bush. But they just pushed ahead despite the obvious failure of the model as made clear by corruption and brutality scandals that are endemic in the […]

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Congressman Blumenauer on “Drug War” failure and an alternative

See his full FAQ here. Here’s the text below: Marijuana FAQ The people have spoken – it is time for the federal government to reform the failed marijuana policies that ruin lives and cost us billions of dollars every year. Last November, Colorado and Washington voters chose to legalize small amounts of marijuana for adult […]

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Legalization vs. Decriminalization

More at The Real News Excerpt of this excellent discussion: “I see that the current illicit marketplace is the gateway. It is the environment that is the gateway, not a particular substance or drug, but the environment that we have of drug dealers acting on our corners hiring kids to sell drugs, marijuana and other […]

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Doctors criticise UN’s approach to global drugs control

Excellent review of current drug policy discussions at the UN in respected UK medical journal, The Lancet. Excerpt below. Chris Ford, founder and clinical director of the non-governmental organisation International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies (IDHDP), told The Lancet: “We know the global war on drugs has failed and this has had devastating consequences for […]

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‘El Chapo’ and El Banco

on the Fair Blog by Janine Jackson Quote: “US Attorney General Eric Holder called the arrest a “landmark achievement”: “The criminal activity Guzman allegedly directed contributed to the death and destruction of millions of lives across the globe through drug addiction, violence and corruption.” But that activity wasn’t conducted by Guzman alone, and another notable […]

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Liberals and Republicans signal huge shift in attitude to US drug laws

(NB: It’s about time. And too little too late for those who continue to rot in jail because of these regressive policies still on the books. And the victims of militarization in Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras etc are not addressed by piecemeal responses like decriminalization or changes in domestic sentencing law that’s still 18:1 […]

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More on Mexicans fighting government corruption

and collusion with the cartels. More at The Real News

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Mexico’s Vigilante Groups Are a Force to Reckon with for Drug Cartels and Army

Excerpt: LEÓN: Despite the agreement, now there are doubts still lingering as to the capability and the willingness of the Mexican federal government to clean the state of organized crime, even more now in the lights of the recent attacks in Apatzingán while under federal protection, mainly because there is no trust in the honesty […]

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A Cyber Invasion

How the NSA Infiltrated Mexico’s Computers by LAURA CARLSEN Excerpt: “My opinion is that the demand for an explanation from the Obama administration is nothing more than a face-saving move by Peña Nieto. Obama has already not only admitted to the programs revealed by Snowden, but defended them. Mexico does not need an explanation from […]

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Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit

Read all of this By SPIEGEL staff here. Excerpt below: Part 2: Targeting Mexico Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Security, which was folded into the new National Security Commission at the beginning of 2013, was responsible at the time for the country’s police, counterterrorism, prison system and border police. Most of the agency’s nearly 20,000 employees […]

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A Reporter at Large – A Mission Gone Wrong

Why are we still fighting the drug war? by Mattathias Schwartz published in the January 6, 2014 edition of The New Yorker Read it here.

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