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What USG Policy towards Mexico is Doing

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Drug War Mexico, NAFTA and Why People Leave

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#132 Mexican Student Movement Confronts New President

A YouTube video sparks a mass student movement protesting against newly elected President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto Excellent introduction to the #132 Movement, one of the anti-corruption and accountability/transparency movements in Mexico which has much in common with those fighting against the “war on drugs” in the U.S. This is happening now!

Law Enforcement Officials Call for an End to “The War On Drugs”

The two career law enforcement officers interviewed on October 25th here are two of many speaking out against the criminalization of drugs and the failed ‘drug war’ policy pursued by Bush and now even with more vigor, President Obama. Interviewed in above linked video are the following: Jim Gierach is a former Assistant State’s Attorney […]

If the “War On Drugs” has Failed, is Legalization the Answer?

Excellent interview of two police officers, on the front lines of the ‘war on drugs’ for decades, who founded Law Enforcement Against Prohibition because of the failure of this policy. When will President Obama actually take a stand for post-partisan practical policies on drugs that these first responders describe compellingly here? The call for an […]

Congressional Democrats silence in response to appeal to stop ‘drug war’ abuses

“Using the “war on drugs” as justification, what this type of law does is control the social and political opposition – all types of opposition to the Honduran state.” Media Repression in Honduras Speaks to U.S. Congress, but is anyone Listening? View report here.

More excellent coverage on opposition to rigged election in Mexico

From the Real News Network. July 19, 2012 Mass Protests Against Mexican Election Results Student movement takes to the streets to reject what they call election fraud

Excellent coverage of rigged Mexican election

by the Real News Network. Thousands of Mexicans Protest Alleged Elections Fraud James Cockcroft: Mexican Elite will not allow Andres Lopez Obrador to be President Why establishment media in the US is covering the Mexican election as if it was not stolen by the corporate-militarist right-wing candidate (b/c the establishment media in the US also […]

Democracy Now covers growing challenge to failed US ‘Drug War’ policy

On March 9th, 2012. U.S. Faces Challenge to “Drug War” as Latin American Countries Mull Decriminalization, Legalization Ethan Nadelman of the Drug Policy Alliance provides a diplomatic and (to me what seems overly) praise-laden overview of the Obama Administration’s promotion of ‘drug war’ policy. He does declare Obama Administration has shown a failure of leadership […]

Friends of Brad Will interview with Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno

On March 24, 2010, approximately one month after he was released, Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno sat down with Friends of Brad Will member Mark Read in Oaxaca for a twenty-minute interview. This is the second half of that interview, in which he addresses the friends and family of Brad Will.  Please take a look, share […]

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Real News: War on drugs and Mexico's demise

May 3, 2009 Part I: Free trade and Mexico’s drug war Collapse of traditional economy created the space for the cartels to grow. In April, US President Barack Obama visited Mexico where he announced that the US needed to take some responsibility for Mexico’s ongoing Drug War. He also declared his support for a continuation […]

VIDEO: Rally for Political Prisoner Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno, Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City, January 14th, 2009: Members of Section 22 and APPO came to demand Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno’s release from prison. In the clip, his sister Lybia reads the families statement at the offices of the 5th District Judge. Background info: On October 16th 2008, Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno was imprisoned for the 2006 murder […]

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VIDEO: Three Men and a Baby vs. Senator Dodd and WOLA

Description: A look at how, and why Friends of Brad Will took a stand for Human Rights and against Senator Dodd and the Washington Office on Latin America on September 17, 2008. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]

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Hunger Strike in Remembrance of Brad Will

Members of the organization Friends of Brad Will are participating in a 4 day vigil and fast from October 21st until October 24th in front of Senator Hillary Clinton’s offices in New York, as part of an international “Week of Action in Remembrance” of their murdered friend Brad Will. The purpose of the action is […]

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Links Between the Security and Prosperity Partnership and Plan Mexico

SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The NYC Friends of Brad Will group has been heavily focusing on Plan Mexico. As we consider participating in the SPP Counter-Summit of the , we should be able to demonstrate clearly the very direct links between SPP and Plan Mexico. More info below. Short Video on Plan Mexico […]

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The Revolution Next Door- Video

Great footage of Brad singing

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Brad Will PSA

Video: KT

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Blue Nightmare/ Pesadilla Azul: Video on repressive follow up to Brad Will's (and others in Oaxaca) murder online NOW

Newly subtitled video produced by MaldeojoTV now on-line in English. Una producción de maldeojoTV, subitutlada al inglés, ahora está en línea SITIO WEB: “BLUE NIGHTMARE” (“Pesadilla Azul”) After police repression against Oaxacan citizens and APPO (People ‘ s Popular Assembly of Oaxaca) on November 25, more than 200 people were unjustly and illegally taken […]

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For the Love of Brad

For the Love of Brad in two parts. Part 1 (You are my sunshine) For the Love of Brad in two parts. The first part is a music video (6 min) Select Quicktime format. ALLOW VIDEOS 5min+ to load before viewing. I made this film with J’s footage, after Brad was killed on October 27, […]

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For the Love of Brad- in Two Parts- Video and Poetry for Brad by Priya

Priya thought Brad’s friends who come to this website, might like to see him playing music and talking and laughing.

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Documentary About Oaxaca

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I-witness Video shows NYPD stealing Camera at Mexican Embassy Protest for Brad

The inaugural post on the I-Witness Video blog deals with police stealing a camera during the Mexican Consulate action last month. Jon —–Original Message—– From: I-Witness Video [] Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 9:52 AM To: Subject: New I-Witness Video Blog & The War on Cameras Friends, We’re very pleased to announce the launch […]

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Video: Oaxacan filmmakers in NYC

Paul DeRienzo and Joan Moossy discuss the situation in Oaxaza, Mexico with filmmakers Damian Lopez and Sergio Julian of Mal de Ojo of Oaxaca. Translation by Amalia Cordova, director of the film and Video Center at the National Museum of the American Indian.

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Kriser Screening Room, Dept. of Anthropology (First floor, 25 Waverly Pl.) In the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, indigenous video makers are engaged in coverage of human rights violations, social unrest, and indigenous demands, as well as exploring new visions of media use through cultural preservation and collective production. Three award- winning producers from the […]

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Brad Will, Loisaida [video]


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"Friends of Brad Will Shut Down The Mexican Consulate" Video

Video: “Friends of Brad Will Shut Down The Mexican Consulate” Camera, Edit: Surplus Contact: surplus (at) notanalternative (dot) net,

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Last Video of Brad Will

“Armed men in the service of Ulises Ruiz attacked one of the barricades installed in the Calicanto colony, near the municipality of Santa Lucia del Camino. During the armed aggression several people were wounded, and Bradley Will died after receiving a shot in the stomach. This edition corresponds to last fragments of video that the […]

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Brad Will Vigil @ NYC Mexican Consulate

FluxRostrum This was shot Saturday, October 28th at the Mexican Consulate in New York City. It was a peaceful event mourning the loss of a great independent journalist at the hands of fascist paramilitary forces in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Brad Will / Demolition of 5th Street Squat

1997 Super 8 footage of New York City’s illegal demolition of 537-539 East 5th Street. People’s belongings and pets were still inside, as was resident Brad Will… who emerged atop the building as the wrecking claw began destruction. submission: tchandler

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