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Friends Successfully Meets with Senator Schumer For Accountability- Take Action to Help!

Great news! Friends of Brad Will met with Senator Schumer yesterday in Brooklyn to urge his support of accountability for the murder of U.S. journalist Brad Will and others murdered in Mexico by Mexican government paramilitaries and bring the Merida Initiative to his attention and urge he speak out against it. The Merida Initiative known […]

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Press Advisory: Protest of Sham Congressional Hearing on Bush's proposed Plan Mexico

Update: Friends of Brad Will ejected from public Congressional Hearing on Plan Mexico For immediate release: What: Reminding Chairman Engel of the impunity with which U.S. journalist Brad Will was murdered over a year ago, Friends of Brad Will activist Henry Ruben and others are forcefully removed from public hearing. Time: 10:50 a.m., February 7th […]

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