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Rebellion in Oaxaca" An Exhibition of Documentary Photography and Video- TONIGHT We are excited to present “Rebellion in Oaxaca” on June 14th, commemorating the events in 2006 which sparked the popular uprising in Oaxaca. The International Center 50 W 23rd St 7th Floor Thursday June 14, 2007, 6 – 8pm, video presentation: 7 pm.

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Networking Gatherings to Watch a Special on Oaxaca on Latinos Based National Television and Mobilize: April 19, 9pm

Ana Cardona wrote: OAXACA TV PROGRAM AND DISCUSSION Greetings, Mi name is Maricruz Badia, I am the outreach coordinator for HITN, the channel that educates and entertains, the first national public television network for Latinos in the United States. I am writing because on Thursday April 19 at 9 PM Eastern Time, we will broadcast […]

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Oaxaca workshop Tuesday- February 20, Providence, RI- 6pm

Taking it to the Streets A Workshop & Report from Oaxaca with Alfonso, Member of CIPO – RFM (a Magonista indigenous organization in Oaxaca) & Eric Larson IWW delegate, recently returned from Oaxaca “This part of Santa Lucia is enemy territory. It is near Barricade Three, the Príista attack of last Friday, and the site […]

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