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Two Minutes With Pelosi

Tonight, Rad Rich and I got free tickets to the Pelosi event and even the reception. We walked past the jeering crowd of tea-party people and my friends from the peace movement to attend the green-room reception for Nancy Pelosi and I got to talk to her for two minutes. I introduced myself as Nick […]

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Mierda Initiative introduced

Will the Democratic Majority (Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Wexler, Barbara Lee, Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Joseph Crowley and company) betray democracy in Mexico? Or will they challenge the Bush Administration’s militarization plan for Mexico under the guise of the ‘war on drugs’? You can help prevent the slide towards authoritarianism in Mexico by demanding the Democratic […]

'Purge Anti-Semites from Mexican Government Before Giving U.S. military aid,

Denouncing the appointments of members of El Yunque, an ultra-right anti-semitic movement, to the highest levels of the Mexican government, Friends of Brad Will has told key Democratic Party leaders to reject the Bush military aid package called the Merida Initiative. Friends of Brad Will is a non-government organization advocating for accountability for the murder […]