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The Circle Opens Out: New Evidence on Criminality in Colombian Regime

Excellent article! And Plan Mexico is modeled on Plan Colombia except there are no benchmarks to allow the public (or the GAO) to measure its failure. Great. Here’s a quote: “If Colombians are victims of this regime, indeed of this State, one has to ask who the beneficiaries are. The answer has to be sought. […]

A Vision of Things to Come in Mexico – Latin America – Under Merida Initiative

Below is a quote (and then a link to the original document) from the Lawyers Collective (or Colectivo de Abogados), a Colombian non-governmental organization. It raises the obvious question about the Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico): namely, why are some Mexicans ‘nationalists’ objecting to end-use monitoring of lethal aid funding for militarization (including surveillance) to […]

Army commanders fired for killings received U.S. training and assistance

“(These murderers) had been ‘vetted’ by U.S. officials for human rights abuses and approved to receive assistance in 2008… in spite of extensive reports that their units had carried out murders of civilians.” Note: On the passage of Round 1 of Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico) funding in June, 2008, Amnesty International declared ‘good news’ […]