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Government Harassment in Brad Will Murder Case

Federal Police Pressure Imprisoned APPO Defendant Juan Manuel Martinez to Confess; Will Family Lawyer Faces Legal Harassment Read the entire story April 21, 2009 by Kristin Bricker via the Narcosphere here.

Private-sector Arms Sales to Mexico Sparsely Monitored by State Department

An excellent provocative piece by Bill Conroy for Narconews. Written a on April 5th it will continue to have relevance as an empirical expose of the lack of credibility on the ‘drug war’ of the network ‘news’ and their ‘defense’ industry pundits. His well-documented thesis is that the cartels are obtaining their heavy fire power […]

President: Calderón Is Not Mexico

Incisive and (historically, economically) contextualized analysis of Obama’s trip to Mexico and the positions he took vis-a-vis human rights, neoliberalism and the ‘war on drugs’. Check out Mr. President: Calderón Is Not Mexico by Laura Carlsen, Director of the Americas Program at the Center For International Policy Posted April 17, 2009

The Wrong Solution to Mexico’s Security Crisi

Great piece by Todd Miller for NACLA, written April 17 2009 “On August 5, 2008 a group of 20 Mexican soldiers burst into the community of Santiago Lachivia, Oaxaca and fired into a crowd of residents preparing land for a community garden. Cecilio Vásquez Miguel and Venancio Olivera Ávila were killed. In the aftermath, when […]

Mexico in the international human rights spotlight by Frontera NorteSur “Torture continues, extrajudicial executions and forced disappearances occur, freedom of expression is limited, and practically none of the cultural and economic rights is guaranteed or protected,” charged a report from civil society organizations delivered to the UN Human Rights Council. Posted on February 10, 2009 Mexico’s government is under the glare […]

What is the DEA Smoking?

by Ted Galen Carpenter for the CATO Institute The Drug Enforcement Administration is in an optimistic mood. A new DEA report insists that the antidrug campaigns Washington has undertaken with Colombia and Mexico in recent years have dramatically slowed the flow of cocaine into the United States. The DEA’s principal piece of evidence is that […]


Everyone can help! After the hearing last Monday was awaiting the decision, these days are important to take actions and exert pressure before the trial judge. Juan Manuel wants to return to his family. Please add your name to this letter and send it to the judge in the case. The english version is first […]

Report on International Human Rights Day delegations

NOTE: Important links and actions below in the body of the (short, 2 page) report. Ed. Hey folks: Thanks for all your great work! Last week, your actions and those of a number of organizations aligned with our network against the Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico) made International Human Rights Day an unqualified success. If […]

VIDEO: Three Men and a Baby vs. Senator Dodd and WOLA

Description: A look at how, and why Friends of Brad Will took a stand for Human Rights and against Senator Dodd and the Washington Office on Latin America on September 17, 2008. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]

A Border Under Siege

The Zetas, Castillo said, have now realigned with corrupt elements in the Mexican army, a marriage that is spreading the infection in the military, particularly among the 32,000 troops Calderon sent into nine Mexican states specifically to stamp out the cartels. “And so the military is sort of running the whole show down there,” said […]

U.S. wants to be sure drug-fighting aid isn't pilfered

(Note: Call your Congressional Rep to underscore your concern with corruption and human rights abuses. We’ve seen what military interdiction ‘drug’ policies have done to Colombia (Conflict-related killings, extra-judicial executions, killings of civilians by paramilitaries (and) by guerrillas, enforced disappearances, abductions by guerrillas, forced displacement, killings of women, enforced disappearance of women and killings of […]

Up to the Highest Level: Narco Infiltration in Felipe Calderon's Government

Wow! This piece by Ricardo Ravelo in Proceso really underscores the waste of funds and likely harmful impacts of the proposed U.S. Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico). The second round of funds is currently being pushed for this failed drug war policy. Let’s hope President-elect Obama comes up with practical, non-ideological and human rights-respecting approaches […]

Another brutal week in Juarez and Chihuahua

(Mentions the unresolved nature of Brad’s case and the corruption of the Mexican government) by Frontera NorteSur Rodriguez’s murder topped a spectacularly violent week, in which victims in public thoroughfares were shot during peak business hours, businesses were firebombed and the bodies were dumped with intimidating messages in public places. Posted on November 14, 2008 […]

Morelia Case: Confessions “Under Torture"

By Jorge Carrasco Araizaga and Francisco Castellanos J., Proceso Translated from the original Spanish by Kristin Bricker for NarcoNews Through confessions obtained “under torture” and with multiple irregularities, the Federal Attorney General’s office (PGR in its Spanish initials) maintains the three alleged culprits under arrest in the September 15 terrorist attack in Morelia, Michoacan—which left […]

Army commanders fired for killings received U.S. training and assistance

“(These murderers) had been ‘vetted’ by U.S. officials for human rights abuses and approved to receive assistance in 2008… in spite of extensive reports that their units had carried out murders of civilians.” Note: On the passage of Round 1 of Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico) funding in June, 2008, Amnesty International declared ‘good news’ […]

In Mexico’s Drug War, Sorting Out Good Guys From Bad

As U.S. voters go to the polls the issue of the ‘war on drugs’ looms large both domestically and internationally. The best journalism on the international ‘front’ has come out of Rolling Stone magazine[the failed ‘war on drugs’ (Dec. 2007)and the ‘war next door’ (Nov. 2008). On the domestic ‘front’, Alternet (Nov. 2008) has written […]

Plan Colombia: A model for Plan Mexico?

Where are the Colombia experts monitoring Plan Colombia for human rights abuses (e.g. what happened to those labor activists and why are those unemployed people being killed by the hundreds?)? Not to mention 4 million Internally Displaced People too scared to tell U.S. government backed paramilitaries tied to Colombian government and powerful landholders (cattle ranchers […]