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Dance Theater and Panel on Plan Mexico Tonight!!! NYC- FREE

Flier for Panel discussion and event White House Invades Mexico Tonight- February 22, 2008 7PM An original Theater/Dance piece commissioned for the DREAMING THE AMERICAS / THE BODY POLITIC IN PERFORMANCE

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Monday 2/18- Forum on Repression against Zapatistas

Important event! **Please Forward Widely** Movement for Justice in El Barrio… invites you to learn more about the escalating low intensity warfare being waged by the Mexican government against the Zapatista communities: the brutal displacement, death threats and incarceration. Currently, there are 79 permanent military bases in Chiapas and paramilitary groups are threatening Zapatista families. […]

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Oaxaca workshop Tuesday- February 20, Providence, RI- 6pm

Taking it to the Streets A Workshop & Report from Oaxaca with Alfonso, Member of CIPO – RFM (a Magonista indigenous organization in Oaxaca) & Eric Larson IWW delegate, recently returned from Oaxaca “This part of Santa Lucia is enemy territory. It is near Barricade Three, the Príista attack of last Friday, and the site […]

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