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Mexican Guns Tied to U.S.

Article in Wall Street Journal by Evan Perez suggests many of cartels’ weapons come from US. An intriguing passage states “Mexico has strict restrictions on gun ownership, with most legitimate sales processed through one store on a military base near Mexico City.” This and other elements of the story invite suspicion that a significant portion […]

Mexicans Reject Calderón’s War

Posted on: 21/04/2011 by Alfredo Acedo The clock on the Torre Latinoamericana strikes 5:00 on April 6th as the ragtag group that fills the esplanade of the Bellas Artes museum yells ‘No more blood!’ and ‘Down with Felipe Calderon!’. This is not a common place to begin a protest, but this march was called by […]

Opposition to Plan Mexico in Mexico

Opposition in Mexico. Including within the Mexican military, academia and the diplomatic corp.

Friends of Brad Will meet with Representative Engel

Friends of Brad Will shared our concerns with Congressman Engel on Friday April 11th at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas. We spoke with him about the 18 months elapsed since Brad Will’s murder without any justice despite his murderers being photographed at the scene, in broad daylight, with many witnesses who stepped forward. We […]

Links Between the Security and Prosperity Partnership and Plan Mexico

SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The NYC Friends of Brad Will group has been heavily focusing on Plan Mexico. As we consider participating in the SPP Counter-Summit of the , we should be able to demonstrate clearly the very direct links between SPP and Plan Mexico. More info below. Short Video on Plan Mexico […]

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