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In Mexico’s Drug War, Sorting Out Good Guys From Bad

As U.S. voters go to the polls the issue of the ‘war on drugs’ looms large both domestically and internationally. The best journalism on the international ‘front’ has come out of Rolling Stone magazine[the failed ‘war on drugs’ (Dec. 2007)and the ‘war next door’ (Nov. 2008). On the domestic ‘front’, Alternet (Nov. 2008) has written […]

Mexican torture tapes again raise questions about WOLA and AI's support for Plan Mexico Mexican Torture Training Raises Questions About U.S. Military/Police Aid by Laura Carlsen published at the Huffington Post. Excellent piece! Carlsen raises troubling questions on the role of human rights organizations in supporting funds for institutions which have and continue to abuse Mexican and Latin American people with impunity! She writes: “Some Washington human rights […]