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Is Uncle Sam preparing for counter-insurgency against the Mexican people?

U.S. Military Funded Mapping Project in Oaxaca Geographers used to gather intelligence? April 2009 By Cyril Mychalejko and Ramor Ryan From article: “I feel that this particular controversy would not have the traction that it does if it were not for the direct role of the U.S. military, especially in light of the turmoil in […]

Domestic impact of 'war on drugs' Drug Prosecutions To the Editor: Op-Ed Columnist: Cocaine and White Teens (January 10, 2009) In “Cocaine and White Teens” (column, Jan. 10), Charles M. Blow writes that white teenagers use more cocaine than black teenagers, and cites a ratio of 10 to 1 of white versus black teenagers entering drug treatment for crack and […]

Obama urged to speak up for murdered journalist in meeting with Calderon

January 12, 2009 Obama urged to speak up for murdered journalist in meeting with Mexican President Calderon and to reject as an “impractical continuation of a failed policy” Bush’s Merida Initiative (Washington, D.C.) Friends of Brad Will urged their members to contact President Elect Obama’s Transition Team today to urge the President Elect to bring […]

Report on International Human Rights Day delegations

NOTE: Important links and actions below in the body of the (short, 2 page) report. Ed. Hey folks: Thanks for all your great work! Last week, your actions and those of a number of organizations aligned with our network against the Merida Initiative (aka Plan Mexico) made International Human Rights Day an unqualified success. If […]

VIDEO: Three Men and a Baby vs. Senator Dodd and WOLA

Description: A look at how, and why Friends of Brad Will took a stand for Human Rights and against Senator Dodd and the Washington Office on Latin America on September 17, 2008. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]